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Mni Wiconi: A Droplet's Journey   symphonic tone poem

Pentatonic Fantasy for Dakota Cedar Flute and Orchestra

Desert Wind for Orchestra, electric guitar, and Lakota drum group 

Mostly Slow Music for orchestra 

Bassoon Concerto for bassoon solo with orchestra and electronic track 

Fanfare and Overture for orchestra

Opus 1., for Wind Ensemble 


Anthem for wind quintet, with or without cedar flute

Baja Sketches for cello and piano

Mini Cantata for soprano, oboe, bass clarinet, piano, bass, drums 

Lament No. 1 for two oboes and drum

Lament No. 2 for flexible instrumentation (piano or marimba with melodic instrument)

Lament No. 3 for flute or oboe and piano (percussion)

Lament No. 4 for piano or vibraphone and wooden box

Border Mutations, for solo oboe

Laganum Song, for unaccompanied flute 

Oboe Quartet (Oboe, violin, viola, cello)

String Quartet No. 1 “Heart Shaped"

Wedding Suite

Trio for Two oboes (or flute and oboe) and Bassoon “PHI”

Quartet for two oboes and two english horns, or four winds

Rondo (wind quintet)

Maddie’s Song/Hairsprayed Smile (wind quintet)

Blurb (wind quintet)

Ballad (wind quintet)

TroubleD. (wind quintet)

Headdownhandsupshrug (wind quintet)

Desert Wind (wind quintet)

Dusty Road (wind quintet)

Namesake (wind quintet)

With Love, Today are Bound in Glory (two oboes doubling English horn, piano, soprano solo, chorus)

Unison variations

Because I Could Not Be Born Again (soprano and piano)

Consilience (narrator, oboe doubling English horn, piano, mezzo soprano, amplification/minimal electronics, film loop) text written and performed by Eric Martin

Requiem (piano)

Lilt (piano)

Vivace (piano)

Prelude for a Rose (piano)

The Desert Flower (piano:left hand)


The Little Prince (prerecorded, orchestral suite in progress)

The Jungle Book (prerecorded, orchestral suite in progress)

The Crucible, incidental music (prerecorded, orchestral suite in progress)

Stuart Little, incidental music (prerecorded, orchestral suite in progress)

Columbus Ave. Sunrest (aleatoric, improvised, flexible instrumentation)

Figure. (aleatoric, improvised, flexible instrumentation)

Meditation: Aftermath (aleatoric, flexible instrumentation)

Operation Stars and Stripes Forever (short film score, synth strings and guitar)




Chorale in d minor


Hairsprayed Smile


Chant Tune

Dusty Road

Liepers Fork



Liz in D

Liz in c minor

5/4 phasing tune

Jeff’s Blues



Let it Be (wind quintet)

Yesterday (wind quintet)

The Christmas Song (wind quintet)